quarta-feira, abril 26, 2006


De vez em quando vou ao TripAdvisor consultar foruns sobre o Porto e Portugal. Por vezes, até escrevo algumas sugestões.
Ontem li este comentário sobre a visita a Portugal, em resposta a uma sugestão minha:

We just arrived from that same trip, 11 days in mid April. The best I think is the car rental, because you can either get in to great highways or little roads and stop wherever you want. We stayed in Porto de Mos, a little before Lieria in a wonderful place named Quinta Rio Alcaide, and from there we drove to the other places, we visited the monastery of Batalha, Fatima (which wasnt our cup of tea) Ourem, and dont miss Tomar, those are the spots. The we went to Coimbra, and up and stayed by the Douro River, in an incredible place, Casa de Casal de Loivos. Then we went up to Guimaraes, and Ponte de Lima, stayed there at Quinta de Vermil and from there visited Barcelos, Viana de Castelo, and Ponte de Lima. Porto right now is a GREAT mess, the downtown streets are being fixed and traffic is hectic. We took this double floor tour bus to get a glimpse, Hotel Da Bolsa is well located. We rushed, yes, but it was worth all of it. And well, the beach is nice, i just find it extremely cold and tourisity by the area of Cascais. M.

Infelizmente, a GREAT mess já dura há uns 10 anos...

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